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Blackmailed into agitated sex

My Wifes Sara - Blackmailed into sultry sex : Blackmailed into agitated sex

Just look at the dexterous in-law bitch, always putting her nose into the husband's affairs! Watch as she calls for him and starts going through his stuff when she realizes he's not around. Shit! She found the thumbnail of that slut in his wallet. Now he's putty in her hands! She threatens to tell his wife and fucks him in every way she had always wanted. Just after he shoots his guilty load on her, wife crashes in. The old bag was not too bashful to tell the story, naked, with his muck all over her! And now he was fucked.

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One ride instead of another

My Wifes Riley - One ride instead of another : One ride instead of another

It was all so peaceful. The lad just wanted to give his rusty car a good wash. His mother-in-law just returned from her shopping round, and offered her help. Not suspicious at all, he welcomed her. One thing led to another, and there she is, with her clothes wet, acting sexy! The plump Monica literally sucked him into herself, and the two started humping like honest under the warm sun. Right after his goo went in her mouth, the wife appeared in the window, got mad like hell and left in the car, now clean and shiny – forever!

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Morning sex with her Franchezca

My Wifes Cassidy - Morning sex with her mom : Morning sex with her Franchezca

Nothing could indicate this day was any special. The stud was going through his morning bathroom routine and suddenly remembered about his porn stash. He got carried away a bit and did not hear his in-law come and see him jerking off. What a shame! She decided to take advantage of him, so he ended up humping the older super-busty Meg all over the place. Watch the ultra fat momma take his chubby shaft from every possible angle. She ate all his cream, and after that, the wife stormed in, what a scandal it was!

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Home party goes very very bad

My Wifes Ashley - Home party goes very very bad : Home party goes very very bad

A dinner, some wine, and wife with her mother, nothing looked too bad. However, as the booze was being consumed, freaky things started to happen. First, the wife got too tipsy and went to the bedroom. Then, the boy goes to fetch the corkscrew, returns, and damn! The aged in-law Suzie is fully naked, emitting sex with every pore! The chick is lost for a while, but then his ramrod gives the right answer. The two keep fucking like rabbits until the wife comes back and throws the remaining wine all over the tipsy sinful fuckers!

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Beautiful birthday fun

My Wifes Mila - Hot birthday fun : Beautiful birthday fun

His mother-in-law was staying with her daughter's family, and as long as it was hubby's birthday, she did her best to cook a astounding birthday cake for him. She brought it to the room and they both had a piece. Feeling horny, she decided to go further, decorated his dick with cream and ate it all! The hubby did not at all mind, enjoying the amazing present. One thing led to another and soon he was plowing the fat Bella with all his might. Her breasts were all over the place, and then the wife stormed in and turned the birthday into a scandal!

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Wife shops, her mommy humps

My Wifes Joane - Wife shops, her Bella humps : Wife shops, her mommy humps

The hottie loves shopping even if it's sometimes just window shopping. Her mother was staying at the house that day, and while the wife was shopping around, her hubby and his in-law were having drinks back at the apartment. At one point, the wife popped in at their place to complain about a intensely spot on her foot. Her toes looked spicy with those red nails, and the tipsy hubby got a boner. She left, and her Karlie took advantage. Watch the ultra-busty Franchezca ride her daughter's spouse and eat his entire load!

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Necklace for the HR lady

Grandma Friends - Necklace for the HR lady : Necklace for the HR lady

The guys here are on a mission to double-team a hot, old employment agency worker. The higher her rank, the better! Watch them pretend they are looking for a job and reach this bossy aged Amber who barely looks at them from behind her laptop. They get her juices flowing with their smart ambitious talk and soon she has a mouthful of both of them. They start shamelessly doing her right in the office, on the verge of being caught and kicked out! With all her holes wrecked for good with their massive shafts, she finally gets a pearl necklace she deserves, this older slut.

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A good party replacement

Grandma Friends - A good party replacement : A good party replacement

The girl brought two of her friends to her place for some booze and a game of cards. She was partying her brains away when mother came in and got totally mad. She told the Meg to get the fuck out of there and go to sleep. Can you imagine what she did next? She tempted the two booze men into fucking the shit out of her ripe snatch which was well covered in cobwebs by that time! The drunk dudes did not at all mind and gave her a healthy protein snack to down the drinks with.

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Interviewing a older pornstar

Grandma Friends - Interviewing a older pornstar : Interviewing a older pornstar

The yuppies were doing a story on aged pornstars and found just the right person to interview. This chubby mature Keri clearly had a reputation in the biz, though she had recently quit. They warmed her up with some amazing talk and drinks, and asked their questions. But then the obvious idea came, how they can make the story without the actual sex? Though she had quit, she did not at all mind them playing with her giant milking mounds and filming it. She handled their rods like a pro, alluring them from every angle and enjoying a double facial.

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A robbery gone haywire

Grandma Friends - A robbery gone horny : A robbery gone haywire

The studs hear this granny's place has got some precious stuff to loot. While she's away, they break into the place and start filling their bags with worthy stuff. But what's that? It turns out she's not exactly away! The hot-looking granny catches the poor fucks red-handed. Detention is not an option, so they're totally in her hands. The boys are lucky! It's been a while she had some, so she gets them undressed and starts blowing them selflessly. The guys can't believe their luck and get more and more into it, licking her, pounding her, and eventually jizzing her.

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