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Keeping up the good work

Granny Bet - Keeping up the good work : Keeping up the good work

Jan decided to look in obvious places he hadn't paid any attention to before. Like his job, for example! His boss was a strung blonde lady in her sexual prime, always looking her best. He arranged a private visit to her room talking about some improvements he came up with. They had a good talk, and she was obviously into him. Well, next thing you know he's pulling the skirt down from this huge older ass. God, what lingerie she had on! Classy as the best of them MILFs are, she left the whitish stockings on while her meaty cunt was impaled on Jan's happy boner. Well done, dude, you totally scored here!

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In love with the cam

My Wifes Chelsea - In love with the camera : In love with the cam

It all started pretty casual. The dude saw his mother-in-law in the living room, looking pretty hot, with her tawny dress and nylon on. He has just bought a new camera, so he suggested that he takes a couple of photos. He almost freaked out when she started cavorting around, showing off her gems – literally! Watch the mature April pull her dress down for a special picture. When she was wearing nothing apart from those nylons, it was too late to stop. She ate his load, and later his wife found the sweltering pictures!

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Divorce that failed

My Wifes Tanya - Divorce that failed : Divorce that failed

The yuppie was just about to pack his bag and finally leave his monstrous wife. He was almost through with his last bag when her mother came in. He always kinda liked her. With her experience, she could put out some fires between them. She saw he was sad, so she cheered him up with some supportive talk and a liquor shot. She wanted him to stay so much that she sucked his fat ramrod and threw her hairy box onto it! She did such a great job he sprayed all over her wrinkled crotch!

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Fun alone and together

My Wifes Joane - Fun alone and together : Fun alone and together

Hubby's mother-in-law was alone in the house and thought about having a shower. She did not expect anyone, so she was walking around naked, letting her body be caressed by the warm air. As she was enjoying the warm water, husband came. They bumped into each other, one naked, both confused. She did not drop the opportunity and acted sexy, making the hubby harder than wood with all the perverted nature of the situation. They had some earth-shattering sex, and then wife came, nearly tearing the place down in the rage!

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Hubby’s muck to in-law

My Wifes Anita - Hubby's muck to in-law : Hubby's muck to in-law

Just look at the sad, perplexed beauty. Her hubby just cannot sperm and it makes her think whether anything is wrong. Her Dana shows up and feels so sorry for her girl that she's ready to fuck the husband herself and squeeze a chuck away or two out! Just look at his happy in-law blowing the hubby's massive rod! She obviously does this for herself. The ripe lady in nylons rides the huge dick with her hungry muff and gets the well-deserved load on her face. It works, this is what she just proved to her daughter!

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A good replacement for wife

My Wifes Joane - A good replacement for wife : A good replacement for wife

The husband was sound asleep, but it was morning and his wife's Cassidy was lurking around. Seeing him asleep and helpless, she decided to deliver a morning gift. Watch her head move up and down on his tool under the blanket as she sucks him off selflessly. The yuppie thought it was his wife! When he discovered it was his in-law, it was too late to stop. His day started with a full-fledged fuckfest with his Amber in law! They kept fucking like crazy not leaving the bed, and then wife showed up and turned it all into scandalous hell – but it did not matter!

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